LWBC 2019 Sermons

The LWBC is pleased to make the sermons of its pastor available however they must not be tampered with or altered in any way. Quotations referenced in the sermons can be accessed by clicking on the PDF links below the sermon title. We hope that these messages will deepen your walk with Jesus Christ.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary God. 12.25.19

Scoured Out Christians Thurs. 12.19.19

The Cycle

Pleasing God 12.1.19

Childlike Faith Review

Childlike Faith. 11.3.19

Faith of a Child 10.27.19

Heirs of Heaven pptx.

Heirs of Heaven Series

Son or Slave? 10.24.19

Perfect Faith In God 10.20.19

Heirs of Heaven:The Sonship

Heirs of Heaven Part 4: The rights of a believer

Heirs of Heaven 3 10.10.19

Heirs Of Heaven 2 10.6.19

Heirs of Heaven 10.3.19

Becoming the Messiah 9.22.19

What’s ahead and how do we get ready for it? 09.19.19

The Church of God part 4 

The Church Part 4 Quotes 

The ensign   

The Church of God part 2 8.25.19

The Church of God part 1 8.22.19

Catch the Vision 08.11.19

The Day of Deliverance 7.7.19

Higher Grounds 6.16.19

Jerusalem 6.9.19

Jerusalem Quotes

The Seed 6.2.19

Drive down the Stake Thurs. 05.31.19

What Effect Does The Word have on  You 5.26.19

How To Overcome 5.5.19

The Philistines Are Here 4/14/19

Jawbone Hill

Jawbone Hill Quotes

The Fruit Of God In Your Life 3.31.19

The Third Pull 3.24.19

The Word 3.10.19

In His Image 3.3.19

In His Image Quotes

The Great Deception 2.24.19

The Great Deception Quotes

The Reality Of God 2.10.19

Go.Come and See 2.17.19

Go Come See Quotes

The Token

The Token Quotes

God Revealed in His People

God revealed in his people Quotes

The Breaking Point 1.24.19

The breaking point quotes

Get in the Spirit 1.17.19

Get in the Spirit Quotes

Unmasked 01.13.19

Unmasked Quotes

Unmasked Quotes