Defending the Word (Sermon Summary)

jesustem2Defending the Word is very important, NOT  because the Word cannot defend itself, but because, the Word cannot work without a vessel or someone to work through.

For example, take David’s mighty men (2 Samuel 23).  

They were defending the Word for their hour. Of course, David, being the Word of the hour. And, also being a type of Christ.

That’s  just like Christ and His Bride, we are defending our Word for the hour: Christ.

So going back to David, his mighty men were defending him.When David became King his mighty men were rulers of minor cities.

Just like us and Christ,but in a better picture we will rule and reign with Him in Heaven!!

A.G. Robinson

Symbolism in the Book of Revelation

Did you know that in God’s hand in Revelation 1 there are seven stars?

The seven stars represent the seven messengers (Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley and Brother Branham).

Did you notice that the stars were in God’s hand? That means the messengers  were sent from God. In the age of Ephesus they had a high ambition but they ended up being relaxed.Just like the people today…

The true church and the false church are always together. Isn’t it strange that God would let the true and false church mix together? But God has a reason for doing it.

The Bible says,’’Satan would deceive the very elected  IF IT WERE POSSIBLE.” But Satan is not capable of deceiving the elected because, the scripture says IF IT WERE POSSIBLE.

A.G. Robinson

Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism

By Amber Grace Robinson

Constructive criticism is important if you use it the right way. There is a certain way to criticize that I’m going to tell you. Think of a nice juicy hamburger. The bun, the meat, and the bun.

The first bun represents the first compliment.  The meat represents the actual criticism. The second bun represents the last compliment. If you keep criticizing someone—and you’re not building them back up—they will fall emotionally.

In conclusion, it is important to criticize someone the right way.The next time you criticize someone why don’t you use the Hamburger Method?