2023 Sermons

Our Father

The Bible Story Pt. 2

The Godhead Explained Pt. 1

The Bible Story:Back to the Basics

Let Go and let God

5-11-2023 Committed To Christ

The sermon for 5-7-2023 is not available to the public

Redeem The Time

Am I strong enough?

4-16-2023 The victory of Divine Love

How does Divine love deliver us from fear?

4-9 Rise

Identification: Who are you?

Loving Jesus Pt. 2

Loving Jesus

3-16- 23 The Greatest Weapon

First Love

03.09.23 Loving God

03.05.23 Origin

03.02.23 Walk in Love

02.26.23 Love Rejected & Received

02.23.23 Love Expressed

02.19.23 Growing Into Maturity

02.16.23 Maturity in Love

02.12.23 The Love of God Pt. 2

To seek God
2-5-23 The End Times Pt.3
2-2-23 The Power of Choice
To Receive The Blessing
1-26-23 The Two Kings
1-22-23 The Day Of The Lord
1-19-23 Living Water
1-1-23 Finding Grace