2018 Sermons


Inroads 12.23.18

Inroads Quotes

Defenders of the Word  12.16.18.

Defenders of the Word Quotes

Whats Next 12.06.18

The Natural versus the Supernatural Part 1 11.25.18

How To Touch God 11.18.18

God’s Representatives 11.04.18

Have Peace. 11.01.18

The Immortals 10.28.18

The Immortals Quotes

Respect 10.25.18

Stop the Devil 10.21.18


Stop the Devil Quotes

New Jerusalem 10.14.2018

Slack not thy riding! 10.10.2018


Study on Revelations 6 10.7.18

Study on Revelations Six Quotes

Effective Prayer 10.04.18

Effective Prayer Quotes

Lifting Christ Up In This Generation 9.30.18

 Lifting Christ Up in Our Generation Quotes

Crossroads. 09.27.18

Crossroads Quotes

Mrs. Jesus Christ 09.23.18

Mrs. Jesus Christ Quotes

Faithful to your Calling 9.20.18

Christ in the Final Generation 09.16.18

Christ in the Final Generation Quotes

How to Take Your Jericho  09.13.18

3 Ways To Miss Your Blessing. 9.9.18

Three Ways to Miss the Blessing Quotes

Convinced of our Calling 09.06.18

Free Eagles 09.02.18

Free Eagles Quotes

Divine Love 08.23.18

Divine Love Quotes

The End Of The World 8.19.18

The End of the World Quotes

From The Inside Out 08.12.18

Empty Vessels 08.09.18

Empty Vessels Quotes

The Purpose Of God 08.02.18

The Angels of God 07.29.18

The Angels of God Quotes

Hold The Vision 07.12.18.

Recognize your Enemy 07.08.18

Recognize Your Enemy Quotes

Our Thoughts 07.05.18

It is Written 07.01.18

Slingstones 06.28.18

The Crisis Hour 06.24.18

The Crisis Hour Quotes

God’s Face, God’s Hands 06.20.18

Perfect Union 06.17.18

Perfect Union Quotes

The Characteristics Of The Bride Of Christ 06.03.18

Characteristics of the Bride of Christ Quotes

The Tactics of the Devil 05.31.18.

The Great Redeemer. 05.13.18\

The Great Redeemer Quotes

God’s Attitude Toward Humanity 05.06.18

Following Joshua 04.29.18

Guardians of the Word 04.22.18

Guardians of the Word Quotes

Taking Sides With Jesus 04.15.18

Taking Sides with Jesus Quotes

The Greatest Commandment 04.12.18

Meeting God’s Expectations

Sun.04.08.18_Meeting God’s Expectations Quotes

The Keys To Overcoming 04.05.18

Sun.04.05.18_Keys to Overcoming Quotes

The Unbound Word 04.01.18

The Unbound Word Quotes

The Final Voice 3.25.18

The Final Voice Quotes

The Right Atmosphere 03.22.18

The Right Atmosphere Quotes

The Elected 3.18.18

The Elected Quotes

The Final Generation 3.15.18

The Final Generation Quotes

Revalation Of Divine Love 3.11.18

Revelation of Divine Love Quotes

God’s Brand 03.04.18

God’s Brand Quotes

The Rapture 03.01.18

The Overcomer 2.25.18

To The Overcomer Quotes

A Tool In God’s Hands 2.22.18.

A Tool in God’s Hand Quotes

Revelation Chapter 2 Part 1 2.18.18

Revelations Chapter 2 Part 1 Quotes

Get Into Action 2.15.18

Get in Action Quotes

Revelation Chapter 1. 2.11.18

The True And False Bride 1.28.18

The True and False Church 01.28.18

The Keys To Victory 1.25.18

The Keys to Victory Quotes

Paralyze The World 1.21.18

Paralyze the World Quotes

The Gift. 1.7.18

The Gift Quotes

Back To Eden. 12.31.17

Back to Eden Quotes