2016-2017 Sermons

The Masters of All Circumstances Sun.11.05.17

The Masters of All Circumstances Quotes

True Judgment !0.26.17.

Obstacles To  Christian Living 10.29.17

Obstacles To Christian Living Quotes

 Kids Service Pick Up Your Pen 11.02.17

Season Of The Third Pull Sun.10.22.17

The Season Of The Third Pull Quotes

God Indwelling  His Temple 10.15.17

First Adam, Second Adam 10.08.17

First Adam, Second Adam Quotes

The Faithful God. 10.05.17

The Changing of the Times 10.01.17

The Changing of Times Quotes

Real Christianity, Real Results. 9.28.17

Meeting the Enemy. Sun.09.24.17

Rev. 19 Part 1. 09.21.17

A Scriptural Understanding of the Love of God. Sun.09.17.17

Who is on the Lord’s side? Thurs. 09.14.17

True Worship series #3: The Sacrifice. 09.10.17

The Sacrifice Quotes

Fruit For The Season 08.31.17

True Worship series #2: The High Priest. Sun.08.27.17

The High Priest Quotes

True Worship series #1: The Worshipper. Thurs. 08.24.17

The Benefits of Full Fellowship.  Sun.08.20.17

What Changes are you Making in your Life for the Rapture? 

A Full Consecration 08.13.17

James Chapter 4 Part 2 08.10.17

James Chapter 4 Part 1 08.03.17

Wake Up The Word 07.30.17.

07.30.17_Wake Up the Word

The Bible is Not Just History But It is Prophecy  07.27.17

Under His Wings 7.2017

True Wisdom James Chapter 3 Part 3 06.29.17

The Heavenly Mindset of the Creations of God 6.25.17

The Heavenly Mindset of the Creations of God Quotes

Building A Friendship With Jesus 6.22.17

Breaking Into A Higher Faith 6.18.17

James Chapter 3 Part 3: Consistent Christianity 6.15.17

The Incarnate Word 06.11.17

James Chapter 3 Part 1: Cause And Effect 05.25.17

 Anointing the Most Holy Part 1. 05.21.17

Anointing the Most Holy_Part 1 Quotes

Strong Hands. 05.17.17

James Chapter 2 Part 2 A Living Faith 05.11.17

James Chapter 2 Part 2 Quotes

The Omega Representation 05.7.17

The Omega Representation Quotes

James Chapter 2 Part 1. 05.4.17

James Chapter 1 Part 2. 04.27.17


Israel And The Church Part 1. Sun.4.23.17

Israel and the Church Quotes

James Chapter 1 Part 1. 04. 20.17

Life. 04.16.17 *Easter Sunday sunrise service

The Spirit Of  Redemption 04.13.17

Time Of Restoration  04.09.17

Time of Restoration Quotes

The Final Anointing 04.02.17

The Final Anointing Sermon Diagram

The Final Anointing Quotes

The Mighty Deliverer 03.23.17

Revealing the Sealed Believer 03.19.17

Revealing the Sealed Believer Quotes

The Voice Among the Beasts 03.12.17

The Voice Among the Beasts Quotes

The Ministry of Death. 03.05.17

In the Image of God. 02.26.17

In the Image of God Quotes

The Righteous Seed. 02.23.2017

The Righteous Seed Quotes

Exposing The Devil. 02.19.17

Exposing The Devil Quotes

Our Confidence.02.16.17

The Messiah.02.12.17

The Messiah Quotes

A Living Sacrifice. Thurs. 02.09.17

The Right Man for the Right Job at the Right Time. Thurs.02.02.17

The Revelation Series #3: The Invincible Army.  Sun.01.29.17

Kid Service:  Build Upon the Rock! Thurs.01.26.17

Revelation In Action Quotes Sun- 01- 21-17

The Revelation Series #1: Knowing God

Knowing God Quotes_Sun.01.15.17

Lessons from Proverbs #1. The Wise Choice. Thurs.01/12/17.

Returning to the Apostolic Foundation: Sun.01/08/17 PM-Visiting Minister Ben Norrod 

A Full Committal: Sun.01/08/17AM-Visiting Minister Ben Norrod

The Focus of our Lives: Thurs.01/05/2017

The Three-Fold Purpose of God:12/18/16

The-Threefold-Purpose-of-God Quotes

Prayer Meeting: The Dissolver of All Doubts: 12/15/16

The Revelation of the Rapture: 12/11/16

The-Revelation-Of-The-Rapture Quotes

Fire on the Altar: 12/8/2016

Questions and Answers: 12/4/2016

Question & Answers Quotes