Welcome to the LWF


Service is canceled on Sunday 9/24/23. Services will resume on Sunday 10/1/23.

LWF will close its doors by 12/31/2023.

After 37 years, LWF will close its doors. Read our blog post.

Live your best life—with the Word

Our mission at LWF is to refresh hearts through God’s Word. To that end we offer podcasts and short blog posts. Engage with content that will help you thrive wherever you are in the journey of life.


Our bodies are the temple of God. His Word is “health to all our flesh.” Nurture physical wellness with focused Scriptures and podcasts.


Our emotions are the gateway to who we are. Learn to manage stress, find balance, and control your emotions in a
God-honoring way.


Be stronger. Defeat doubt. Become more like Jesus as you connect with him.